Istinbath, a journal of Islamic studies published twice a year (June and December) by Universitas Islam Negeri Mataram. Istinbath is sinta 3 indexed journal. It focuses on main topics:
(1) Hukum Keluarga Islam,
(2) Hukum Ekonomi Syariah,
(3) Hukum Pidana Islam,
(4) Fiqh-Ushul Fiqh,
(5) Kaidah Fiqhiyah,
(6) Masail Fiqhiyah,
(7) Tafsir, and
(8) Hadits Ahkam.
All submitted manuscripts are subject to double-blind review process. Istinbath was admitted as an accredited journal by the Director General of Strengthening Research and Development, Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia in 2018. Istinbath has become a CrossRef Member since year 2018. Therefore, all of its publications have a unique Digital Object Identifier (DOI) number.

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Vol 22 No 1 (2023): Juni 2023
Published: 2023-06-01


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